Buck the Trend: Artists Channel Buckminster Fuller


Tickets to tonight’s performance of The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, a film live-scored by Yo La Tengo and -narrated by Sam Green, are tragically sold out, but all is not lost! Heartbroken Bucky fans jonesing for their geodesic fix can get it elsewhere in the art world. Perhaps it was the Whitney Museum of American Art’s exhibition of Fuller’s visionary designs in 2008 that sparked the craze, but recently collectors, performance artists, sculptors and museum directors alike can’t seem to get enough of his signature spheres. Read More


A Trend? Archery in Art

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Robert Elfgen, das kritisierte bild (criticized the picture), 2012, at Sprüth Magers at the Independent

Last night at the Independent, a luscious purple painting by Robert Elfgen caught our eye in Sprüth Magers’ section. Dated 2012, its titled das kritisierte bild, which translates from the German to something like “criticized the picture.” Despite its title, this is no academic exercise. Mr. Elfgen actually shot the fabric painting with an arrow. But he Read More