the art market

the art market

Stefan Simchowitz vs. the Art World

Simchowitz. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Stefan Simchowitz was 6 years old when his parents divorced, and his mother, the artist Shirley Sacks, took him with her when she left South Africa for England. Then when he was 11, his parents sent him to St. John’s College back in his native Johannesburg, where he was bullied for his small stature and his English accent, but mostly, despite his daily presence at mass, for being Jewish. After a year, he was fed up with the bullying so they sent him to the Jewish day school King David, where he was promptly bullied for being Christian. Read More

the art market

Felix Salmon Is Uncomfortable With Gerhard Richter’s Prices


Felix Salmon has a new piece pegged to a Citibank Art Advisory report that calls painter Gerhard Richter “the next great market force among the tradition of 20th century painters including Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning and Andy Warhol.” This was certainly not news to Mr. Salmon, or anyone who’s been watching the market—we reported after the November auctions that Richter work was responsible for $197 million in sales for 2011—but he took the opportunity to bemoan the fact that dollar value and artistic value seem to be so linked these days. Read More