Gagosian Does Spots at the VIP Art Fair

S-Lactoylglutathione, 2011 (Photo courtesy of Gagosian gallery/VIP Art Fair)

While I can’t compete with this liveblog post, wherein my esteemed colleague Michael H. Miller offers up-to-date VIP Art Fair 2.0 coverage and burrito fetishism, I would like to point out that Gagosian gallery has continued their 11-gallery Damien Hirst spot painting orgy at their online booth in the fair. Read More


The Damien Hirst Spot Challenge Has Been Conquered

Mr. Uhovski with the artist who inspired him. (ArtRuby)

Take note of what you are doing right now. You will remember this moment forever. It was just announced that Damien Hirst’s globe-trotting Spot Challenge has been completed, only eight days after the shows opened at all 11 Gagosian branches, with two Hirst lovers visiting each space.

First over the finish line was Valentine Uhovski, the socialite founder of the websites Art Ruby and Socialite Rank, followed closely thereafter by Jeff Chu, a journalist for Fast Company. The lucky men will earn a special Damien Hirst print for their efforts. (Here’s a bit more about Mr. Uhovski, courtesy of Irina Aleksander.) Read More


Gallerist: The Complete Spot Coverage

I Hirst NYO

It certainly has been a busy two weeks here at Gallerist, savoring Damien Hirst’s 11-gallery spot painting exhibition to its fullest. We thought it might be nice to see all of that coverage in one place, providing easy access to that content for all those looking for just a bit more spot coverage. Enjoy. Read More


Damien Hirst's 'Complete Spot Paintings': 10 Reviews

A Gagosian gallery T-shirt. (Patrick McMullan)

Damien Hirst’s 11-gallery spot-painting exhibitions is probably impossible for just about single working critic to review.

Even the most frugal writer making the worldwide Gagosian tour—crashing on couches, taking trains throughout Europe, etc.—would need to spend at least a few thousand dollars on airplane tickets to cross the Atlantic, the Pacific, the U.S. and the gigantic gap between the Gagosian outposts in Athens and Hong Kong. Though critic Adrian Searle floats the rumor that one journalist is making the trip, it is hard to believe any publication—or even major media company—would be willing to back the sojourn. Read More


Damien Hirst's Spot-Painting Spectacular by the Numbers

Summon the jet.

There certainly are a lot of details to keep track of for this “Damien Hirst the Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011” exhibition at all 11 Gagosian galleries. To keep things straight, Gallerist has assembled this cheat sheet with the basic facts of the show, which opens today. In case you missed it, Mr. Hirst has been kind enough to visit New York for the openings, and spoke with Anthony Haden-Guest about the spot paintings, his now-retired Bacchanalian tendencies, and his new work.

Number of Gagosian galleries showing spot paintings:

Cities with spot painting shows:

Total number of spot paintings in the 11 shows:
331 Read More


'I Used to Jump on Tables': Anthony Haden-Guest Talks With Damien Hirst About Sobriety, His New Work and, Yes, Spot Paintings

'I Used to Jump on Tables': Anthony Haden-Guest Talks With Damien Hirst About Sobriety, His New Work and, Yes, Spot Paintings

Anthony Haden-Guest first met Damien Hirst in New York in the early 1990s. Today, exhibitions of Mr. Hirst’s “Spot Paintings” open at all 11 Gagosian Galleries worldwide.

This interview with Damien Hirst took place yesterday, in a conference room in the Gagosian Gallery on West 21st Street in Manhattan. Mr. Hirst was wearing a scarlet wool hat, a Joe Strummer T-shirt, two fistfuls of skull rings. We sat at a glass and metal table.

DAMIEN HIRST: So how are you, Anthony? Read More


A Photo Opp With Damien Hirst [Insert Your Own 'Seeing Spots' Joke Here]

Mr. Hirst. Photo by Andrew Russeth.

Millicent Wilner, a director at Gagosian Gallery in London, was standing before a gaggle of reporters and photographers at the art dealer’s space on West 21st Street, talking about Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. There are more than 300 she said. They will be on view at all 11 Gagosian galleries worldwide (a fact all the art journalists in the room were well aware of by that point). They comprise spots ranging from one millimeter in diameter to five feet in diameter. The most spots on any of the paintings is 25,781. The biggest spot painting is in the back of the gallery and is about 40 feet long. Read More