Haunting MoMA: Traces of ‘Degenerate’ Dealer Alfred Flechtheim

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Paul Klee's Pastorale (Rhythms), 1927.

Nina Burleigh just published a piece in The Observer about the German Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim, whose business, life, and legacy were virtually erased with the rise of Nazi Germany. Flechtheim was once considered Weimar Germany’s “preeminent dealer, representing dozens of modern masters from Picasso to Klee.” Though we rarely hear his name today, the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection houses at least six Flechtheim works, including a Picasso and a Braque, and his face even appears in a few modernist artworks. Read More


6 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before Jan. 9

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SUNDAY JANUARY 8  Opening: Matt Hoyt 2006-2011


Opening: “Rotary Connection” at Casey Kaplan, curated by Loring Randolph
In what is probably Chelsea’s first big group show of 2012, a huge group of talent—Andrew Kuo, Arthur Ou, Benoit Maire, Etienne Chambaud, Isabelle Cornaro, Jason Dodge, Jose Davila, Julia Dault, Liam Gillick, Marlo Pascual, Mateo Lopez, Pietro Roccasalva, Ryan Gander—will Read More