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14 Artist Arrests, From Terrorism to Tax Fraud: a Tribute to Plastic-Bag Bomber Takeshi Miyakawa

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1968 — Otto Muehl — Obscenity and sexual offenses involving minors

“I do not understand laws,” Rimbaud wrote. “I have no moral sense.” He wasn’t the first artist to feel that way! As Mike Kelley pointed out in his Pay for Your Pleasure installation, which included a long list of quotations from artists flouting conventional morality (including that Rimbaud line), creative types have a way of disregarding authority. Read More

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Let’s Trade: 6 Artworks Exchanged for Goods or Services

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1. Marcel Duchamp: Tzanck Check (1919) in exchange for dental work.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Los Angeles artist Mark Grotjahn will be able to ski for free in Aspen all season long in exchange for designing special chairlift tickets, as part of an ongoing series hosted by the Aspen Art Museum.

Such bartered arrangements have a rich history. There are stories of Picasso and Matisse trading artworks to cover bar and cafe tabs in New York, Dalí paying for dinners with a quick sketch and a signature. Read More