Fledgling SRO Gallery Flouts Zoning, Shows Daniele Frazier


Nothing about 109 East Ninth Street screams secret art gallery. But then, a speakeasy wouldn’t install a neon sign reading “hidden hooch!” The façade of the five-story brick building, which may have been white at one point, is gray and graffitied. A bar sporting shamrock decorations dominates the bottom floor.

Call the gallery’s burner phone and the exhibiting artist will come down and open the door. These days it’s Daniele Frazier, who led the way up narrow stairs to an unmarked pewter-colored portal on the third floor. Inside is a bright, tidy room about a third the size of a subway car. This is SRO Gallery, an aptly named endeavor run by Patterson Beckwith, a founding member of the now-defunct Art Club 2000 (the collective’s work is currently in “1993: Experimental Jet Set and Trash, No Star” at the New Museum). Read More


Mark Flood to Bushwick

The Zach Feuer ad in the current Artforum.

Having conquered the Upper East Side (Luxembourg & Dayan, to be precise) and Chelsea (Zach Feuer), Mark Flood will soon take Brooklyn with a show of his black light paintings at a basement in Bushwick. Read More


‘Gallery Seeks Man to Ejaculate Tonight': How Andreas Slominski’s ‘Sperm’ Show Came Together at Metro Pictures

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Last week Metro Pictures opened a show by the artist Andreas Slominski, best known for his previous work involving traps for mice, birds, dogs, etc., that was about sperm. Sperm was mostly the medium and sperm was even the title (“Sperm”). Just sperm! One room had a few scattered sandals, with the semen of a black panther on it—Sperm of a Black Panther (2012). The show really aims to get your attention in the first room, where you’ll find Sperm of Two Pilots (2012), said sperm high on the wall, just above a stack of hay. Read More