Here’s a Photo of the Jackson Pollock Crocs

(Courtesy Crocs)

Let’s say you love a legendary artist so much that you want not only to own a work by the artist but to wear it as well. Even if you save up the millions of dollars required to buy a piece by him, it’s still nearly impossible to fashion a canvas into anything in keeping with the tastes of modern fashion! Look, we’ve all been there. It’s a very common problem. How to solve it? Enter the Jackson Pollock Croc. Read More


Coming Soon: Jackson Pollock Crocs

(Courtesy Wikipedia/Hans Namuth Estate)

Jackson Pollock would have turned 100 this year and to mark the occasion the Associated Press took a trip out to his studio in East Hampton, N.Y., where it learned that plastic clog manufacturer Crocs has planned a tribute to the artist to be released later this year. Read More