Scott King Releases Catchy Little Diss Track

The record cover. (Courtesy the artist and Bortolami)

It’s getting rowdy out there on the art world’s airwaves! Scott King, the British graphic designer and artist who shows at Bortolami, just dropped a poppy dance track that features a woman slamming a number of contemporary and modern artists, and declaring, “You’re my favorite artist!” Read More


Bob Dylan’s Possible Responses to Holland Cotter’s Review of ‘The Asia Series’

"Don't look at me."

Holland Cotter, from The New York Times, October 13: “Artists copying without acknowledgment is, of course, an old story. The problem with ‘The Asia Series,’ though, is that not even whispers of potential ethical impropriety can make these paintings interesting to look at, which — unless there’s some Duchampian gesture afoot here — is what Mr. Dylan presumably means them to be. The color is muddy, the brushwork scratchily dutiful, the images static and postcard-ish. The work is dead on the wall.” Read More