Damien Hirst’s Quote About Aby Rosen Is Like a Damien Hirst Artwork in That Rich People Will Assume That It’s Not Making Fun of Them Personally When In Fact It Is Making Fun of Them Personally, Aby Rosen Included

Hirst and Samantha Boardman. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Just wanted to point that out:

“You have lots of people who buy art because they don’t have a personality, but they want to be able to hang out and be part of a scene and have friends[," Hirst said. "]Aby’s not like that, because he’s already got all that.” Read More


Peter Brant Jr. on Art People

Mr. Brant. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

“Art people like to talk about little else than art, so you have to be able to keep up. A conversation about art always turns into a conversation about fashion, and a conversation about fashion always leads to art.” —Peter Brant Jr. (son of art collector and publisher Peter Brant), somewhat obliquely, in Read More