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public art

Next Up in Madison Square Park: a Camera Obscura, Courtesy Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder


The next installation in Madison Square Park is going to turn viewers’ worlds upside down. Artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder are constructing a walk-in camera obscura titled Topsy Turvy for their first-ever public art commission, which will open on March 1 and remain on view through April 5. The camera obscura will flip the Flatiron Building on its pointy head, projecting an inverted image of the city inside the installation. Read More

public art

On New Creative Time Website, Artists Report From Around the World

TK (Courtesy Creative Time)

Walking through Zefta hospital, in El Gharbeya, Egypt, outside Cairo, a man points to a filthy sink and shower stall. A few minutes later he says, “Look at the treatment Egyptians get. It’s inhumane!” This is a documentary film about healthcare conditions in Egypt, by the artist collective Mosireen, and as of this evening in New York, it will be viewable on a new website called Creative Time Reports from New York–based public art organization Creative Time. Read More