No One VIP Card Should Have All That Power


The art fair VIP card is one of those tangible and easy ways to recognize a person’s power in the art world. As a frequent publisher of power lists, those mathematical and carefully considered qualifiers of fame and prestige, we appreciate these kinds of categorizations. They make our lives easier. For example: Flashing a certain tier of Art Basel VIP card takes you about as far as whipping out an American Express black card on a first date. These VIP power cards are usually non-transferable, hard to attain and allow at the very most one of your pals to tag along. Read More


The 50 Most Powerful Women in the New York Art World

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Amy Cappellazzo – Christie’s, chairman of international post-war and contemporary art development

Here at GalleristNY we initially resisted the idea of creating a Power List (anyone who reads The Observer will know that they are treasured here), until we realized we could use one to make a point.

There has been a lot of press about women in the art world recently, but for some reason this talk has been for the most part limited to women who work in galleries. Vogue profiled Gagosian’s female employees (the “Gagosiennes), New York magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut, recently looked at the sartorial choices of gallery assistants and a piece in the The New Yorker questioned their very existence. Read More