You Say Persona, I Say Performa: Ming Wong Does Bergman at the Museum of the Moving Image


“Persona Performa” by Ming Wong began in the lobby at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria on Thursday. Through the glass that normally looks onto a courtyard, one saw the projected image of a beach, the same one from the Ingmar Bergman film Persona (which screened down the hall as everyone arrived). From time to time, the image of the beach was interrupted by a silhouette that walked across the screan, clearly recognizable as Death from The Seventh Seal. Read More


‘The Odyssey’ Meets Balloons and Jazz in Red Hook

This never happened (photo courtesy of Performa)

It was hard not to glean a Twin Peaks vibe from Tamar Ettun’s “One Thing Leads to Another” at Kidd Yellin gallery in Red Hook on Saturday. For one thing, the entire three-hour performance took place inside a partially inflated balloon inside the gallery (you had to crouch to enter through the hole where the flame would normally go) so that the audience had a sense of being in a very cramped, predominantly red room packed with surreal goings on. More often than not, and we’ll drop the David Lynch thing after this, one of the performers mournfully played a saxophone while riding a collapsible scooter. Read More