Performa 13

Performa 13

Wild Wild West: Marianne Vitale’s ‘The Missing Book of Spurs’ Hits Performa


“We’re distilling our own moonshine in bronze-casted douche bags,” artist Marianne Vitale called over her shoulder as she strode out of the room, carrying one of the unwieldy items in question. About a dozen metal sculptures, their snaky tubes twisting up toward the heavens, were resting atop a century-old wooden bar in the back room of Ms. Vitale’s Long Island City studio. It was exactly two weeks before tonight’s premiere of The Missing Book of Spurs, her Performa biennial commission, and she was working on the set with her assistant. The sculptures didn’t belong there, Ms. Vitale decided, and so she moved the hefty things to a table in the adjacent workshop, a maze of saws and salvaged lumber. She dubbed the arrangement “a clusterfuck of douche bags.” Not quite an exaltation of larks, but it had a certain ring to it. Read More

Performa 13

Feast Your Eyes: Subodh Gupta Cooks Up a Performa Commission


For an artist who’s never performed before, eight days of cooking dinner for 50 to 60 people is a demanding way to start. “It hasn’t been easy,” said Subodh Gupta, whose paintings and sculptures often address the food and utensils of Indian kitchens. “It’s been very tough.” Last night’s meal, a commissioned piece for Performa 13 that runs through Nov. 16, was about to begin at 168 Bowery, an old subway station turned pop-up event space. Mr. Gupta, casually outfitted in a black puffy vest over a colorful T-shirt and violet glasses, had been preparing the five-course feast since 11 a.m. Read More

Performa 13

‘There Is Only One Karl!’

Holmqvist and Goldsmith. (Photos by The New York Observer)

The fifth edition of Performa, New York’s performance art biennial, is in full swing right now, which means there are ample opportunities just about every night to see art types engaged in some fairly unusual behavior. On Monday night, curator Matthew Higgs could be found at the West Village alternative space that he directs, White Columns, sporting a yellow safety vest emblazoned on its back with the visage of Karl Marx. He was helping to stage a fashion show by the artist Rainer Ganahl called “Comme des Marxistes.” Read More

Performa 13

Performa Names 2013 Commissions

A promotional image for Alexandre Singh's 'The Humans,' which will be presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. (Courtesy the artist/BAM/Performa)

Weird, it really does feel like Performa 11 just happened, but it turns out that was about a year and half ago. Performa 13, New York’s performance art biennial, will run this year from Nov. 1 through 24, and today the organization, which is helmed by scholar and curator RoseLee Goldberg, announced the artists it has commissioned to make new works especially for the festival. Read More

Performa 13

Oslo on the Hudson: Performa Plans National Pavilions Program

Goldberg. (Courtesy PMC)

The Performa biennial, which begins its monthlong run on Nov. 1, always brings some surprises—performances, often by artists trying their hands at the genre for the first time, that send art types to every corner of New York. The latest news is that this year’s edition will mark the debut of a national pavilions program, called Performa Pavilions, with artist and curatorial representatives from Norway and Poland as the inaugural participants. Read More