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new galleries

Former Deitch Projects Executive Director to Open SoHo Gallery

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Suzanne Geiss

When Jeffrey Deitch closed his eponymous gallery in SoHo last year to become director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LA MOCA), the New York art world, and particularly the SoHo neighborhood, was widely acknowledged to have lost one of its galvanizing forces. As of next week, new life will be brewing at the former Deitch headquarters at 76 Grand Street, with a gallery that appears to continue in the Deitch tradition. The Observer has learned that Suzanne Geiss, former executive director of Deitch Projects, plans to start a new gallery in the building, which will be open to the public next spring. Read More

new galleries

Musing On Marks’ New LA Space

A rendering of the future Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood with a facade embellished by Ellsworth Kelly. VIA NEW YORK TIMES

At last! After a long wait we finally know the details of veteran New York art dealer Matthew Marks’ plans for a Los Angeles branch. For almost two years the news has been simmering away on the art world’s back burner, with no word from the Marks camp as to exact dates. We heard West Hollywood and — well, that was about the extent of it. We heard something about West Hollywood. And now, with the Art Platform fair opening in Los Angeles today, as well as all the “Pacific Standard Time” business — for those of you who have been living on the moon, that is a very very large exhibition devoted to California art — Mr. Marks has spoken. And in an unexpected venue, The New York Times. Read More