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national arts club

New York Attorney General Sues Former National Arts Club President Aldon James for $2 M.


The office of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently filed a lawsuit against the former National Arts Club President O. Aldon James through its Charities Bureau that alleges he mishandled some $2 million in club funds. The bulk of that, around $1.5 million, stems from the sweetheart rent deals Mr. James allegedly made for himself and his friends when they all lived at the club’s plant off Gramercy Park. If the suit is successful, the money generated will go to the club. Read More

national arts club

Judge Dictates New Chapter in Aldon James Eviction Drama

Mr. James and Betsey Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

If you’ve been following the year-long efforts by the National Arts Club to expel its former president O. Aldon James from the club premises, under allegations that he misused club finances and carved out sweetheart rent agreements for himself, a friend, and his twin brother, you breathed a sigh of relief last month when the board, after jumping through a few hoops for the Manhattan Supreme Court, successfully voted to evict Mr. James and his cohorts. Not that you had any stake in the whole thing but it was just getting pretty ugly—Mr. James, during a tense board meeting, told the new president that he hoped she’d get cancer! Read More