Manifesta 10

Manifesta 10

Here’s Manifesta 10’s Artist List

König. (Courtesy Goethe-Institut)

Russia may not be hosting G-8 summits anytime soon, but it is sounding like it will still get to welcome Manifesta 10 to St. Petersburg in June. The Manifesta Foundation, which organizes the roving European biennial, has said that it is committed to the city, and today released a list of 53 artists that curator Kasper König has tapped for his exhibition. Read More

Manifesta 10

Manifesta Will Not Boycott Russia Over LGBT Abuses: ‘Engagement Is Important’

The Hermitage, the site of Manifesta 10. (Photo by A. Salvin/Wikimedia)

Though some have called on Manifesta to cancel its 10th edition, which is to open in St. Petersburg next year, because of the Russian government’s recent crackdown on the LGBT community, the organization said it was going ahead with its plans, saying that “on principle [it] cannot and should not only perform in the ‘safe haven’ of the West or former West. This inevitably involves dialogue with those with whom we may disagree.” Read More

Manifesta 10

Manifesta 10 Set for Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in 2014

Hermitage Museum. (Courtesy Manifesta)

Those planning your 2014 travels, take note: Manifesta, the European biennial of contemporary art that alights in a different city or region every two years, will take place at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, next year. It’s a banner year for both organizations, with Manifesta marking its 20th anniversary, and the Hermitage marking its 250th. The museum’s General Staff Building, the main site for the biennial, is also set to be fully renovated by the opening of the exhibition. Read More