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Look at This! Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe in Istanbul

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Installation view

Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe aren’t slowing down after their labyrinthine installation at Marlborough Chelsea. They’ve just opened a show at the celebrated Istanbul ’74 art space in Turkey and if you can’t go to Istanbul just now you should click through our slide show to check it out. Called “A Diamond Hidden in the Read More

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Look at This! The Salon: Art & Design Preview

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Pol Bury ring, courtesy of Primavera Gallery

Are you a fan of classic design pieces for your home or apartment? If you answered yes, and it’s clear that you have, you owe it to yourself to swing by the Salon: Art & Design, a new fair at the Park Avenue Armory that opens next week. Produced by Sanford Smith in association with the Read More

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Look at This! A Preview of the IFPDA Print Fair

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Next week the International Fine Print Dealers Association will hold its New York Fine Art Print Fair at the Park Avenue Armory. Not familiar with the print market? Here’s what you should know. They look terrific, are less expensive than similar works, and hold their value extremely well. Why not browse an art fair where Read More

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Look at This! ‘Eagles’ at Marlborough Madrid

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Untitled (gardening hose 3) by Sam Falls

We all know Marlborough’s been making a splash with its Chelsea branch, but it looks like the Madrid branch is sure heating up. From Oct. 25 to Nov. 24, that branch will host an impressive group show of 27 artists. Patriotically titled “Eagles,” the show will feature Ahmed Alsoudani, Frank Benson, Mike Bouchet, Matthew Chambers, Dan Colen, Ara Dymond, Jeff Alrod, Sam Falls, Mark Flood, Freeman/Lowe, Drew Heitzler, Jacquline Humphries, Xylor Jane, Matt Johnson, Robert Lazzarini, Andrew Kuo, Wes Lang, Ari Marcopoulos, Chris Martin, Eddie Martinez, Rashaad Newsome, Amanda Ross-Ho, Davina Semo, Colin Snapp, Daniel Turner, Sara Vanderbeek and Marianne Vitale. Read More

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Look at This! Laura Owens’s ‘Clocks’ Book

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We’re working around the clock, trying to beat it, racing against it. We’re never clocking out. It’s how the world works. Meanwhile, time-based works, as they’re termed these days, are increasingly appearing in galleries and museums. Time itself is appearing in many instances. An art-clock boom is on. Read More

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Look at This! Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld at S2

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Allora+Calzadilla, Solar Catastrophe

Tomorrow, Sotheby’s private selling gallery S2 will open “Hue + Cry,” a show curated by man-about-the-art-world Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. There’s a great deal of fun abstraction here, which has been a theme running through the other shows he’s curated. It’s definitely worth a look. See for yourself!

All images courtesy of Sotheby’s. Read More

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Look at This! ‘Robert Irwin: Dotting the i’s & Crossing the t’s: Part II’ at the Pace Gallery

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Back in the early 1970s Robert Irwin built what he called “the third-largest optical instrument in the world,” a 33-foot-tall column of clear acrylic that was to be barely perceptible to the eye when it was properly installed and polished. Unfortunately, that never actually happened. The collector who commissioned it died before it was finished, and a subsequent installation—in a mall—was handled rather clumsily. It eventually went into storage. (The Los Angeles Times told that story back in 1993.) Read More

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Look at This! ‘This Is Not a Fashion Show’ at Bortolami, by Tara Subkoff/Imitation of Christ

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"This is Not a Fashion Show"

The artist, actress and designer Tara Subkoff, working with her collective Imitation of Christ, recently filled Bortolami gallery with a host of actresses and dancers for “This Is Not a Fashion Show,” a show that involved, at its essence, women putting on and taking off clothing for two hours. The show took place during Fashion Week last week and, as you can see from the video below, it went swimmingly. “I merely suggested that the women bring back the memories of the times they had to get dressed for an occasion that was a very happy time, or a very important time,” Ms. Subkoff said over the phone. “Just to think of getting dressed for a very happy time seemed to bring up a lot of emotion and panic for women.” Though they were photographed by nearly everyone who entered, the actresses, whose ages ranged from 8 to 70, were all very much in their own world. “I definitely wanted to make sure that everyone was having a private moment and that nobody paid attention to anyone who came in. It was also very much about complete narcissism and complete focus on the self,” she said. Read More