At Home With His Artists: The Too-Short Career of Dealer Daniel Reich

Daniel Reich. (Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg)

Daniel Reich opened his first art gallery about three months after the fall of the World Trade Center. New York was still recovering. Compared to the market boom that would develop over the next few years, which would eventually be halted by the global recession, it was a sleepy time for the art world which, like the rest of the economy, was still in the gloom of the dot-com bust. Mr. Reich was a former protégé of revered art dealers, first Jack Tilton and then Pat Hearn and her husband Colin de Land. Ms. Hearn died of liver cancer at the end of the summer of 2000, leaving behind a significant gap among adventurous dealers with a knack for finding unknown talent seemingly out of thin air (Mr. de Land would die in 2003). Mr. Reich opened his first gallery inside his tiny apartment in Chelsea. Read More


Simon Cerigo, Art Dealer and Collector, Dies at 60 [UPDATE]

Simon Cerigo at the Carroll Dunham opening, December 2012. (Courtesy Nancy Smith/

Simon Cerigo, a collector, curator, art dealer and fixture at gallery openings and art parties in New York, died on Sunday “after a brief illness complicated by heart issues,” according to a note posted by his wife Nancy Smith on her website, artloversnewyork. He was 60.

Mr. Cerigo was always on the outskirts of the mainstream, but he had an intimate knowledge of the art world. He was an early collector of a number of artists, including Jack Goldstein, Mariko Mori, Dan Asher and Walter Robinson, and worked at some point as a de facto adviser for many far more prominent collectors. He had a reputation for attending most openings in a given week, sometimes as many as 15 or 20 in a night. Read More


Lisa de Kooning, Artist and Patron Who Preserved Father’s Legacy, Dies at 56

De Kooning. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Johanna Liesbeth de Kooning, the philanthropist and sculptor who helped to guide her father Willem de Kooning’s art career in the last years of his life and to preserve his legacy after his death in 1997 at the age of 92, died at her home on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Friday, according to a statement from the Johanna Liesbeth de Kooning Trust. She was 56. As of press time, the cause of her death had not been determined. Read More


Lisa de Kooning Has Died at 56


Lisa de Kooning, the daughter of the late artist Willem de Kooning, died Friday at the age of 56. The news appeared first in the East Hampton Patch Sunday night and was confirmed by the Johanna Liesbeth de Kooning Trust. She died at her home on St. John in the Virgin Islands. The cause of death is unknown as of this writing. Read More