Morning Links: Marzipan Edition


“The art world we deserve?” Collector and academic Harald Falckenberg on the art market. [Financial Times]

“Mass produced and quickly resold, ‘Flip Art’ is about the nearest thing today to a coherent movement. [NYT]

Looking to avoid pesky sales and use taxes on your recently acquired artwork? A loan to a willing museum in New Hampshire, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Delaware can handle that. [NYT] Read More


Morning Links: Martial Raysse Edition

'Snack,' 1964. (Photo by Art Digital Studio/Luxembourg & Dayan)

Katya Kazakina on the current enthusiasm for “forgotten artists” like Martial Raysse and Germaine Richier. “I said goodbye to America a long time ago,” Mr. Raysse said. “This kind of recognition is sweet.” [Bloomberg]

Zuni Indians ask Europe to return their art. [NYT]

“Was a $3.7 million painting taken out with the trash?” [WSJ] Read More


Morning Links: ‘Unsettling Talent’ Edition


Mayor de Blasio has chosen Queens Museum Director Tom Finkelpearl as commissioner of cultural affairs. [NYT]

“New York City’s comptroller plans to release a report on Monday quantifying what student advocates have long suspected: that many public schools in the city do not offer any kind of arts education, and that the lack of arts instruction disproportionately affects low-income neighborhoods.” [NYT]

Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s forthcoming documentary on Peggy Guggenheim will reportedly feature appearances by Simon de Pury, Calvin Tomkins, ­Agnes Gund, Arne Glimcher, Jeffrey Deitch, Picasso biographer John Richardson and artists Marina Abramovic and Urs Fischer. [Page Six] Read More