Legal Matters

Legal Matters

At Arraignment, Alleged Nahmad Cohort Accused of Using MMA Fighters to Collect Debts

Mr. Azen

The collector and dealer Helly Nahmad was not among the defendants arraigned in the district court on Pearl Street yesterday afternoon, though a number of his alleged coconspirators were, and as Judge James C. Francis went down the list of defendants, the court spent most of its time on a man named Arthur Azen, who seemed to represent the greatest excesses of the alleged gambling ring.

A heavyset man with closely shaved hair, Mr. Azen faces a maximum sentence of 115 years in prison, 24 years of supervised release, and a $2,250,000 fine—more than Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, Vadim Trincher, his son Ilya Trincher or Mr. Nahmad, the alleged leaders of the two criminal organizations listed in the indictment. If convicted, Mr. Nahmad faces up to 92 years in prison and his alleged partner Illya Trincher faces 97, while Mr. Tokhtakhounov faces 90 along with the older Mr. Trincher. (Mr. Nahmad was in Los Angeles at the time of the indictment, and surrendered to police there.)  Read More

Legal Matters

Case Against Nahmad Gallery Dismissed, Fight for Nazi-Plundered Modigliani Painting Will Continue

The work in question.

Philippe Maestracci, an Italian citizen fighting to recover a Modigliani painting once owned by his grandfather, Paris dealer Oscar Stettiner, and allegedly sold without Stettiner’s permission by the Nazis during World War II, has dropped his suit in federal court against the Upper East Side’s Helly Nahmad Gallery, which he argued was in possession of the work.

But the fight appears to be far from over. Read More