Here Are the Five Richard Prince Paintings Still Under Review

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Canal Zone, 2008

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that 25 of the 30 works in Richard Prince’s now-notorious “Canal Zone” series did, in fact, successfully transform their source material, photographs by Patrick Cariou, overturning a lower court’s 2011 ruling. The ruling had a juicy little bit of art criticism: “Where Cariou’s serene and deliberately composed portraits and landscape photographs depict the natural beauty of Rastafarians and their surrounding environs, Prince’s crude and jarring works, on the other hand, are hectic and provocative.” Sounds about right. Read More


Richard Prince Wins Appeal Against Photographer Patrick Cariou

"Djuna Barnes, Natalie Barney, Renee Vivian and Roman Brooks take over the Guahnahani" by Richard Prince (2008). (Deemed transformative!)

Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that Richard Prince largely did not infringe on photographer Patrick Cariou’s copyright in his “Canal Zone” series of paintings, for which Mr. Prince appropriated Mr. Cariou’s photographs of Rastafarians in Jamaica. The decision overturned an earlier one in a district court in March 2011, which ruled that Mr. Prince must destroy the 30 works that were said to infringe. Read More


Alleging Harassment, Flight Attendant Sues Onetime Sotheby’s Owner Alfred Taubman

Taubman. (Doug Kanter/AFP/Getty Images)

Nicole Rock, a former flight attendant on the private plane of Alfred Taubman, the billionaire shopping-mall developer who once owned Sotheby’s, has filed a $29 million suit against her old boss, alleging he sexually harassed her on numerous occasions, according to the New York Post. Taubman, who served about nine months in prison after being found guilty of participating in a price-fixing scheme in 2001, has denied harassing her. Read More


Larry Gagosian and Ronald Perelman Fire Off Lawsuits Against Each Other Over Multimillion-Dollar Art Deals

Perelman. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Just when it seemed that the start of the new art season in New York could not get any more action-packed, it has.

Billionaire businessman and art collector Ronald Perelman and Larry Gagosian—who are longtime friends—have filed suit against each other in New York Supreme Court, leveling a variety of claims against each other related to a series of multimillion-dollar art transactions gone awry, according to Bloomberg News. Besides outlining their complaints, the filings also provide some possible hints about the operation of Mr. Gagosian’s gallery empire and his business relationship with Jeff Koons. Read More