Kraftwerk Plays ‘The Man-Machine’ Live at MoMA, Offers No Proof That They Aren’t Actually Robots

Kraftwerk performing "The Man-Machine" at MoMA. (Courtesy MoMA)

Here’s an unfamiliar scene from the front entrance of the Museum of Modern Art last Friday: a shady looking bald man was saying, “You got any extra tickets?” sounding more like he was trying to score meth; directly next to him, a sulking man with a large frame tucked into a baggy hooded sweatshirt shouted, “Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!”

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Volkswagen Giving Away 50 Pairs of Free Tickets to MoMA’s Kraftwerk Retrospective


If you’re like us, you probably spent about an hour staring at a computer screen hoping to buy tickets to see Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express, part of MoMA’s eight-night retrospective in which the electronic pioneers will play all of their albums in chronological order. If you’re also like us, you failed at this seemingly simple task.

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Kraftwerk at MoMA Tickets: Let The Scalping Begin!


Some people don't have very much "Computer Love" in their hearts after being locked out of getting tickets for Kraftwerk's forthcoming MoMA residency. Tickets for each of the group's eight performances retailed for $25 a piece. You'd think: With eight performances, there'd be enough of the tickets to go around. You'd be wrong. A lot of people don't have fast computers or were going to the bathroom when they went on sale, and now, they're sad that they don't have Kraftwerk tickets. [Ed. Something about "Showroom Dummies" here.]

Truth be told, there's still a way to get into the shows: The Gloriously Sleazy Secondary Market of Craigslist. Read More