Charlie Rose vs. Richard Serra: A Play-by-Play

Richard "The Champ" Serra. Not pictured: Charlie "Coulda Been a Contender" Rose. (Courtesy

Over the holiday break, Richard Serra, who currently has a major exhibition at two of Gagosian Gallery’s locations in New York, made an appearance on Charlie Rose’s talk show. Who knew such strange things happened when the savant sculptor of steel converses with the Carolinian cornerstone of public broadcasting?

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Howard French Talks Photography in Shanghai

Howard French. (Courtesy

The New Yorker‘s Evan Osnos has a nice interview with Howard French about his recent project photographing Shanghai, documented in a new book, Disappearing Shanghai. An excerpt:

“If one embraces the slowness, it really favors the distillation of a moment, which is the opposite of a great deal of digital photography done today, in which Read More


Franz West on His Adaptives and Cy Twombly

A museum visitor models an Adaptive by West at the Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany. (Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty Images)

The more you read interviews with the late Franz West, the more there is to love about him. Today we have this excerpt from an interview conducted by MoMA photographer curator Roxana Marcoci on the occasion of the museum’s “Comic Abstraction” exhibition in 2007. Ms. Marcoci asks about the theatrical element of his Adaptives, plaster sculptures that people could pick up and manipulate, and that sets him off on a pretty interesting tangent. Read More


An HTML Code Interview With Early Net Art Pioneers

(Courtesy the Awl and

Today, we call your attention to an interview over at The Awl with early so-called “Net Art” pioneers the Jodi Art Collective (a k a a k a Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans). The folks do not give any straight answers about their work, opting instead for HTML code and links. Maybe there’s some kind of secret message? Read More