10 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before February 15

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WEDNESDAY | Screenings: Matthew Barney's "River of Fundament" at BAM


Opening: “Other People’s Paintings” at Torrance Shipman
This sounds like a nice group show. Check out this artist list: Erin Dunn, Austin Eddy, Amanda Friedman, Nora Griffin, MacGregor Harp, Shara Hughes, Anthony Iacono, Nikki Maloof and Laura Westby. Matthew Fischer is curating. —A.R.
Torrance Shipman, 219 36th Street, Brooklyn, 7–10 p.m.

Screening & Discussion: Isaac Julien at MoMA 
Have you seen Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves in the atrium? Have you seen the films being shown because of Ten Thousand Waves in the atrium? Well, tonight you can do these things (and more!) as Mr. Julien will be in conversation with Harvard scholar Guiliana Bruno following screenings of This Is Not an AIDs Advertisement (1987) and Looking for Langston (1989). —Z.L.
Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, New York, films at 5 p.m., talk at 7 p.m., Read More


11 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before Feb. 10

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FRIDAY | Screening: 'Alphaville' at Film Forum

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3 Artist Talk: B. Wurtz at the New School
SculptureCenter has organized this lecture with the California-born, New York-based artist B. Wurtz, whose recent shows at Metro Pictures (in 2013 and 2011, a survey organized by Matthew Higgs) have been master studies in winning gargantuan and surprising aesthetic pleasures with the most economical means. His Untitled (fetish) (2013) is reproduced in the slide show. And, I should note, there’s a real warmth to his work—perfect for this very snowy Monday. Should be a great one. Read More


11 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before January 19

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TUESDAY | Screening: Derek Jarman's Caravaggio at Light Industry


Screening: Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio at Light Industry
There are very few films about artists (by artists) that come close to this one. For starters, the late great Jarman shot this 1986 biopic, which follows Caravaggio from his youth on the streets of Rome to his death, like a painting by the Renaissance master. With seductive chiaroscuro, Jarman frames his actors (including a young Tilda Swinton in her debut film role as the painter’s prostitute girlfriend) in velvety black shadows and radiant golden light. Really not to be missed. —Zoë Lescaze
Light Industry, 155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, 7:30 p.m., $7 Read More


12 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before January 13

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SATURDAY | Liz Glynn at Paula Cooper Gallery


Opening: ‘Bad Fog’ at Martos Gallery
Artist Eddie Martinez, whose show of gargantuan paintings at Brooklyn’s Journal Gallery was one of the high points of last year, helms this group show of work by Bill Adams, Liz Craft, Dan McCarthy, Ross Simonini and more. —Andrew Russeth
540 West 29th Street, N.Y., 6–8 p.m. Read More


6 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before January 6

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SUNDAY | Closings: "Interwoven Globe," "Julia Margaret Cameron" and "Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Screening: Leviathan (2012) at MoMA
I confess to not having seen this (or, if we’re being really honest, not hearing about it until just now), but it sounds like a swell way to usher in the new year. MoMA calls this avant-garde doc an “intense, exquisitely crafted portrait of deep-sea fishermen doing battle with their prey in the roiling seas of the wintry North Atlantic. Unencumbered by voiceover, narrative arc, linear time, or any other expository context, Leviathan immerses the viewer in an almost hallucinatory sensory experience.” All that and sitting in the dark might even help with the hangover. —Zoë Lescaze Read More


10 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before December 22

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TUESDAY | Opening/Book Launch: Chris Martin at Karma


Book Signing: Inez and Vinoodh Book Signing at Gagosian Shop
Photographers Inez and Vinoodh will sign copies of their book, Pretty Much Everything, which, as they titled implies, includes pretty much everything they’ve done together. —Michael H. Miller
Gagosian Shop, 976 Madison Avenue, New York, 5-6 p.m.,


Screening: Lutz Bacher Program at BAM
Film works by the estimable, pseudonymous Lutz Bacher will be screened as part of the “Migrating Forms” festival at BAM. Alex Zachary, director of Chelsea’s Greene Naftali gallery, which represents Ms. Bacher, will provide an introduction. These works are little-known and little-seen. You’d be crazy to miss it. —Andrew Russeth
Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, 7 p.m., $13/$8 members/$9 students and seniors Read More