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group shows

A Nice Jewish Girl: A Preview of Jamie Sneider’s Contribution to ‘Jew York’

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The Year of the Jewish Woman

We’re pretty excited for “Jew York,” the amazingly named summer group show that will occupy Chelsea’s Zach Feuer Gallery and Untitled on the Lower East Side. The exhibition opens June 20 and will feature “contemporary work of America’s Jews in their natural habitats—the Lower East Side and Chelsea.” There’s a huge artist list, which includes such diverse participants as Roy Lichtenstein, the sculptor Joel Shapiro and Untitled’s proprietor, Joel Mesler. One piece to look out for is Jamie Sneider’s The Year of the Jewish Woman, a 2009 pin-up calendar featuring Ms. Sneider in a variety of salacious poses alongside Jewish foodstuffs and traditional objects. She printed 1,000 of the calendars and sold them through her blog (they were somewhat of a hit with members of the Israeli army, Ms. Sneider said), and they continued selling even after 2009 ended and the calendars became functionally useless. Ms. Sneider used the pictures as her application to graduate studies at the School of Visual Arts, but this is the first time that they’ll appear in a gallery setting. Read More

group shows

Kathryn Garcia Drawing Removed From Wall at Joe Sheftel Gallery Group Show [Updated]

From Ms. Garcia's Facebook page: "This is what the work was supposed to look like installed next to the Roslyn Drexler piece."

Just before the opening of the “In the Pink” group show at Joe Sheftel Gallery last night, Kathryn Garcia’s drawing Carla O. Lisk was removed from the wall and placed in the gallery’s upstairs office. According to Art Fag City, this was done against the wishes of both the artist and the show’s curator, Sarvia Jasso, after Mr. Sheftel sent Ms. Jasso an e-mail saying the piece had been taken off the wall. The drawing, however, remains on the show’s checklist. Read More