Frieze New York 2013

Frieze New York 2013

A Final Look Back at Frieze Week 2013

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway

Every second counts during Frieze Week, and so last Wednesday, the evening before the fair opened, you could see people getting visibly nervous in front of David Zwirner as 6 p.m. came and went, and the doors for Jeff Koons’s first show with the dealer did not open. There was a lot to see that night: Rob Pruitt’s psychedelic installation at the old Passerby space, with its promises of ice cream and T-shirts, and Tobias Rehberger’s bar at the Hôtel Americano and—Mr. Zwirner finally swung open the door to one gallery at a few minutes before 7, gamely holding it for the masses as art handlers continued to work on the installation inside. Read More

Frieze New York 2013

‘Would You Rather Feel Too Busy, or Not Busy Enough?’ Tino Sehgal at Marian Goodman’s Frieze Booth

Marian Goodman Gallery's booth. (The New York Observer)

Though it’s hard to measure this sort of thing, I would hazard that the most-talked-about piece at the preview of Frieze New York yesterday was Tino Sehgal’s work at Marian Goodman’s booth, Ann Lee (2011).

I’m hesitant to relay what happens inside the empty little room set aside for the piece. In certain very rare instances, when dealing with art that is intensely unusual and strange and beautiful, one simply doesn’t want to ruin it with words. “Just go see!” everyone kept saying yesterday, excitedly, nervously, to those who had not yet been. Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Tobias Rehberger Brings His Favorite Frankfurt Bar to Hôtel Americano

Rehberger. (The New York Observer)

It’s a mystery how certain elements—patrons, bartenders, architecture, maybe a few special drinks—come together to make a bar really and truly great.

Early on Wednesday evening the Frankfurt–based artist Tobias Rehberger stood behind the counter of a tiny bar in the basement of the Hôtel Americano and tried to explain to a few reporters the appeal of his favored hometown spot, Bar Oppenheimer. Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Andrea Bowers Letters Disappear Overnight from Susanne Vielmetter Frieze Booth


When the staff of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects arrived at their Frieze New York booth this morning, they found a string stretched across the entrance and certain items missing. Artist Andrea Bowers, who became uncomfortable participating in the art fair after learning that certain unions were protesting its labor policies, asked the two galleries showing her work to display a letter alongside the pieces explaining her position.  Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Medieval Times at NADA


The northeastern corner of Basketball City is looking more like Camelot than a court thanks to artists Andrea Merkx and Nathan Gwynne, who collaborated on what is perhaps the most ambitious installation at the second edition of the New Art Dealers Alliance’s New York fair.

“This is like a royal tournament viewing tower,” said Mr. Gwynne, gesturing to a scissor lift draped in black and white cloth that nearly touched the ceiling (no small feat in the vaulted space). “We wanted to do something that felt somewhat specific to being in the context of an art fair, which is like a jousting tournament in a lot of ways. Everybody’s kind of prancing around in their best outfits, and there’s some competition going on. It’s also bit like a horse auction, so we kind of wanted to make a bit of a joke about that.” Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Red Flag! A Little Touch of Communism at an Art Fair

Justin Lieberman, "Super Supplemental." (Photo by Zoe Lescaze)

It’s rare to see an artist at his dealer’s booth at an art fair. Most don’t like to witness the mercantile–or, as one artist put it, “shopping mall”–side of the business. But at NADA, the booth of Jose Martos was practically swarming with artists.

Mr. Martos was giving a tour of his booth, pointing out works.

“This is a Justin Lieberman painting,” he said, “and this is Justin Lieberman.” The artist, bald and bearded with round spectacles, was standing in front of his work, clutching a newspaper. He chuckled jovially and offered his hand. Read More

Frieze New York 2013

NADA Opening in Photographs

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NADA at Basketball City

The second edition of NADA will officially open its doors today at 2 p.m., but a crowd of VIPs and press arrived at the riverside fair as early as 9:45 for a special preview. Inside, compliments on the new space (last year NADA was staged in the old Dia Art Foundation building on West 22nd Street) abounded. “It’s pretty great having an art fair in something called ‘Basketball City,'” said dealer Bill Powers upon arriving with Karma owner Brendan Dugan. The fair, which runs through May 12, features 70 exhibitors this year, up from the first iteration’s 60. Many of the exhibitors hail from the nearby Lower East Side gallery district, but others come from the Midwest, West Coast and Europe. Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Just Buy It: Nikes, Hennesy Youngman’s Hat for Sale at NADA New York

Alex Da Corte, "Head." (Photo by Zoe Lescaze)

The New Art Dealers Alliance’s New York fair is held this year at Pier 36 off of South Street on the Lower East Side–“Basketball City,” a facility that houses seven basketball courts. (For the fair, they’re covered in carpet.) There are big scoreboards lining the walls, and basketball hoops with glass backboards attached to the ceiling. At the booth of dealer Joe Sheftel, the artist Alex Da Corte has installed a wall of Nike neon-colored basketball sneakers. How appropriate! Read More

Frieze New York 2013

Balloon Beasts, Rubber Tongues, Metal Men Abound on Tom Eccles’s VIP Sculpture Park Tour

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A detail of Tom Friedman, Circle Dance (2010), which is made out of baking sheets cast in stainless steel.

Any lingering storm clouds hanging over yesterday’s VIP preview of Frieze New York were thoroughly blasted away by 4 p.m., when bright sunlight glinted off Paul McCarthy’s Balloon Dog (2013), an 80-foot, cherry-colored sculpture created especially for the fair. “Paul has sexualized the dog,” said the rakish Tom Eccles, former Public Art Fund director and this year’s Sculpture Park curator, as he led a few card-carrying VIPs up to the gigantic piece. Mr. Eccles pointed to the anatomically suggestive shapes of the Koons-esque animal, though they didn’t need much identification. Now executive director of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard, Mr. Eccles briefly discussed his curatorial work on Mr. McCarthy’s upcoming installation at the Park Avenue Armory. He described “WS,” which stands for “White Snow” and opens June 19, as a “gory, horrifying tale of Paul McCarthy as Disney, as Hitler, in love with Snow White.” (Spoiler alert: Mr. McCarthy is eventually destroyed by the seven dwarves, but not before he engages in “a sexual frenzy” with them and Snow White.) Read More

Frieze New York 2013

At Frieze’s FOOD Reprisal, Matthew Day Jackson and Company Offer Jerky, Tang

The meals

Sure, there’s plenty to eat at Frieze New York—The Fat Radish, Frankie Sputinos and Mission Chinese all have stands that serve approximations of the food found at those restaurants—but if you require aesthetic nourishment along with the regular kind, Frieze offers the project FOOD 1971/2013, an outdoor tribute, near the north entrance, to Gordon Matta-Clark and Carol Read More