Frieze New York 2012

Frieze New York 2012

At Frieze Projects, Toss a Ball, See Tumbleweeds

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Joel Kyak, Most Games are Lost, Not Won

“At the fair,” said artist Joel Kyack who was wearing yellow overalls, “you acquire things through money and connections, often times or status. And here, it’s just a game of luck.” The winner at his game, “Most Games Are Lost, Not Won,” gets a full-length mirror that’s been transformed by Mr. Kyack with paintings you might see in a biology book. “The respiratory system,” he said pointing to one mirror on the side of the truck with a brown pair of lungs, “the lymphatic system.” Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Frieze New York 2012: Photographs

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Frieze New York

Though today was grey and cloudy in New York, the expected rain never arrived on Randall’s Island. It was an auspicious first day for the first Frieze New York. Guests began arriving just before 11 a.m. via the ferry or BMWs, yellow taxis or buses. The heartiest walked across the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, which is what they’re calling the old Triborough Bridge these days. And the visitors lingered for a while—picking up a beer at the Standard Biergarten or grabbing a caprese sandwich at Sant Ambroeus, as if they were just a few miles away, lounging on Madison Avenue. It’s comfortable out there—airy almost. Above, a brief look at the fair, from Bader to babies. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Inaugural Frieze New York Opens With Talk of Sales, Sausages

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Gavin Brown and Mark Ruffalo serve up sausages.

“It’s a question mark,” said Lehmann Maupin co-owner David Maupin. “Are people coming back after today? [Frieze organizers] Matthew [Slotover] and Amanda [Sharp] do a wonderful job for galleries and for the audience. It’s a great experience.” He was impressed by how the fair, which to date had been exclusively identified with its annual London event, was able to retain its brand. “You feel like it’s Frieze. You have to keep reminding yourself that you’re in New York.” Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Frieze New York Food Picks

Heaven in Astoria. (Courtesy Agnanti Meze)

It appears that the food at Frieze New York is going to be absolutely superb. Among the restaurants on offer are the Upper East Side mainstay Sant Ambroeus, Orchard Street’s fast-rising Fat Radish and omnipresent Bushwick pizza purveyors Roberta’s. But if you’re going to make the trip to Randall’s Island, why not also dine at some of the restaurants in the surrounding neighborhoods? Below, six picks that are a short car ride from the fair, accompanied by hackneyed analogies to contemporary art. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

The Frieze New York 2012 Guide

It begins. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The day has finally arrived. Frieze New York opens this morning to VIPs, and to the general public tomorrow, on Randall’s Island, in what the fair’s organizers say is the largest tent ever erected in North America. Throughout the week, galleries and museums offer openings and special events. There are satellite fairs too. Below, a preview of what to expect. Before attending, brush up on your fair etiquette. We will be reporting from events throughout the week and into the weekend. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Pulse New York 2012 Preview

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Andrew Masullo, 4492, 2005.

Pulse returns tomorrow to its usual spot at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. While it’s pegged its dates in past years to Armory Week, it’s moved to coincide with Frieze this weekend. The event runs May 3–6 (no Monday, as with Frieze), and features 45 galleries and 13 solo projects. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

It’s Not Easy Being Green: A Newbie Collector Visits Frieze New York

Can you spot the first-timers? (Courtesy Getty Images)

With Frieze rolling into a big tent on Randall’s Island this week, Gallerist had breakfast at the Ace Hotel with seasoned art advisor Todd Levin. Director of the New York-based Levin Art Group, Mr. Levin has attended over a hundred art fairs since he started doing business. We pretended to be a first-time collector who’s decided to work with an art advisor and somehow finagled super-VIP access. He humored us.

It’s VIP preview day! But I forgot my watch! (And my phone.)  

In order to tell what time it is on the day of an art fair vernissage, I’ve found that glancing at the average heel height on women’s shoes is as accurate as the USNO Master Clock. If you see predominantly flats to two inches, that’s the first-tier VIP vernissage entry between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Two- to four-inch heels means the second tier of VIPs have entered, and that means it is between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. These women won’t be there as long as the first group, and want to stay into the evening when the fashionista crowd enters. If you predominantly see women tottering on heels that are four to six inches or higher, then the third VIP tier has entered and it’s now after 6:00 p.m. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Frieze VIP Shuttles, at Your Service

A BMW Alpina B7 at rest. (Courtesy Automotive Rhythms/Flickr)

This morning, Frieze Art Fair posted a nifty little video to their Facebook page advising potential visitors to Frieze on how to get there with animated diagrams outlining routes by train, taxi and shuttle bus (We’ve also written on the topic). The video, however, does not include the shuttle service available only to certain VIPs, who have the option of leaving the fair in a luxury BMW Series 7 equipped with sound pieces by Martin Creed, Frances Stark and Rick Moody. Read More