Fall Arts Preview 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

A Call to Arms: The Met’s Arms and Armor Collection Turns 100

Bashford Dean in Japanese Armor, ca. 1900. (Courtesy the Met)

In 1912, Bashford Dean became the first curator of arms and armor at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. He had a reputation as a trailblazer: he explored Japan when the country was still otherworldly to foreigners, and designed armor for American troops in World War I. He schmoozed the Morgans to get them to donate their armor, and wrote Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare, still a standard for modern military strategists. (He was also accomplished in the field of oyster culture, and was the first-ever curator of fishes at the American Museum of Natural History.) Read More

Fall Arts Preview 2012

From the Editors: Fall for Art

Warhol comes to the Met. (© 2012 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York)

As this introductory column went to print last season, much in the New York art world felt uncertain. There were rumors of both gallery expansions and gallery closures, and of artists switching teams, while two New York fairs—the veteran Armory Show and the new Frieze New York, a British import—were revving to compete for dealers and dollars.

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