Fire in Chelsea! Family Business Gallery Burns Show

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On Thursday night Ari Marcopoulos, curator of the most recent show at the Family Business gallery in Chelsea, was making a Molotov cocktail in a Snapple bottle. Outside, about 50 people were gathered around a trashcan overflowing with Xeroxed photographs, drawings, receipts, business cards, pornography and other paper ephemera that were on the gallery walls less than an hour before. You can probably guess where this is going. Read More


Death, Warmed Over: Everyone Says Goodbye to Cattelan


At 6 p.m. this past slushy Saturday, arty types packed the theater at the Guggenheim for a sold-out, seven-hour symposium, called “The Last Word,” that marked the end of the Maurizio Cattelan retrospective at that museum, and the artist’s avowed retirement.

The speakers discussed the end in all its forms. Marc Etkin, who wrote a book on suicide notes, shared a few choice selections (“P.S. I DIDN’T EAT THAT FUCKIN’ SANDWICH,” that guy shot up a mall), and Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, spoke to the freedoms granted by a fertility restriction. Salty sportswriter George Vecsey pointed out the parallels between Mr. Cattelan’s hanging sculptures and the tradition that inspired the phrase “hanging it up,” wherein retired athletes actually nail their jock straps to the wall. Read More


Sound/Vision at MoMA on Saturday

Photo courtesy of Kristy Leibowitz/elkstudios

A wave of flannel descended upon the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday for a performance by the experimental D.J. Oneohtrix Point Never, a.k.a Daniel Lopatin, whose latest album received an 8.8 from Pitchfork and all the instant (if deserved!) admiration that entails. Read More


Forget It, Jeff, It's China Town

Doreen Remen, Jeff Koons, Michel Bernardaud, Yvonne Force Villareal and Casey Fremont.

Art fans, plate fans and just a socialite or two hit the Bernardaud store last night for a signing of a special-edition plate designed by Jeff Koons. The second in a series that debuted with Rudolf Stingel, Mr. Koons’ plates drew an impressive crowd that dutifully formed a line around the store as they waited to reach a quick-depleting stack of plates to be signed by the artist, who sat at a table in the middle of the room. Champagne was distributed, for the wait. Read More


Tracey Emin Kills at Marc Jacobs' Bookstore

Ms. Emin (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

“Charles!” Tracey Emin said at her book signing last night, greeting Rizzoli publisher Charles Miers, who’d just pushed through the crowd that crammed every inch of the small store’s space. “It’s a nightmare! Nobody showed up!”

Bookmarc, Marc Jacobs’ West Village book store, could barely contain the patrons who clamored for Ms. Emin’s signature—her latest offering My Life in a Column (Rizzoli) is a collection of her weekly dispatches for The Independent. Drinks came in the form of bubbly canned Sofia brand wine from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, with mini juicebox straws included. Read More