Damien Hirst Plans Monstrous Pregnancy Statue in Devon


The seaside village of Ilfracombe in North Devon, England, may earn a fairly unique tourist attraction in the near future.

Damien Hirst has proposed placing a 65-foot statue of a pregnant woman with a sword facing the water. Tenatively titled Verity, it reportedly already has a nickname: the “belly of the South.” Read More


Latest British Art Theft Prompts Question: Just How Easy Is It to Steal Art Over There Anyway?

The stolen object. (Courtesy BBC)

The British have a dashed good collection of cultural artifacts in their various museums, but lately the coves have had a hell of a time hanging onto it. On Saturday evening a “nationally significant” medieval jug valued at $1.2 million was stolen from the Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton, joining a spate of recent thefts at local museums that have left investigators scratching their heads and shaking their fists at the fiends who made off with the loot. Read More


Thieves Steal Chinese Artifacts from Cambridge Museum

Some of the stolen artifacts. (Courtesy BBC)

Police in England are investigating a break-in at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum that took place on Friday evening and saw the disappearance of 18 Chinese artifacts, mostly jade, said to be worth “millions.”

From the BBC:

Det Ch Supt Karen Daber, leading the investigation called Operation Tundra, said a team of detectives Read More