A Glimpse of Kreëmart’s Dessert-Art Spectacular at ArtRio 2012 (NSFW)

A still of Doitschinoff's performance. (Courtesy the artist and Doitschinoff)

Back in July, when my profile of New York art advisor Raphael Castoriano went to print in The New York Observer, Mr. Castoriano was down in Rio de Janeiro organizing a happening that was to take place during September’s ArtRio fair. Since it was in the planning stages, he was quiet about the details, but it was certain to involve artists and pastry chefs. It was also likely to be a bit messy.

For the past few years Mr. Castoriano has been bringing together artists and chefs to create epic dessert projects for various art events through a company he calls Krëemart. He’s worked with artists like Ryan McNamara, Marina Abramovic (for last year’s controversial L.A. MOCA gala) and Leandro Erlich, and chefs from New York institutions like Del Posto, Sant Ambroeus and Daniel. Read More


How Sweet It Is: Meet Raphael Castoriano, the Man Behind Dessert Art

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Leandro Erlich's Mies van der Rohe couch, made with Guido Mogni, in 2009

A few hours before the Whitney Museum’s annual Art Party last month, Raphael Castoriano, a trim man with close cropped salt and pepper hair, was on a small stage, lining the inside of a coffin with silver paper. “Nobody knows what the fuck is happening,” he told The Observer conspiratorially. “Nobody knows nothing.” By “nobody,” he meant 10 of his friends, whom he’d summoned to the Skylight Soho event space without telling them why. By “nothing,” he meant the limited-edition prints of Kalup Linzy, the artist who would be performing that evening, wearing a flower in his hair and a sleeveless gown. His friends would be handing out the prints to hundreds of guests. “You don’t just come to a happening,” Mr. Castoriano said giddily. “You are part of it.” Read More