Westreich and Wagner Discuss Collecting, for Love and Money, at 92YTribeca

(Courtesy Phaidon)

Earlier this month Phaidon released Collecting Art for Love, Money and More, a book by husband and wife collectors and advisors Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich, and by at least one measure, Mr. Wagner explained during a panel at the 92nd Street Y in Tribeca last night, it’s already a success.

The art world and its denizens, he said while holding his wife’s hand, “have made our lives together—and even before we were together, 22 years ago—so fascinating, that—we thought, if we put something down and created a book, if one person picked up that book and started to collect and went on a journey that was somewhat comparable to the one that we’ve enjoyed, that would be an achievement.” The other day just such a thing happened: a gentleman from Istanbul called Mr. Wagner to say, “I picked up your book, I read your book, and I’m going to collect art!” Read More


Daphne Guinness and Simon de Pury on Collecting

Stil from "Collecting is an Illness" by Johnnie Shand Kydd. (Courtesy Nowness)

“Collecting is a wonderful illness,” proclaims auctioneer and collector Simon de Pury in a short film called Collecting Is an Illness, which recently launched on Nowness. “It’s totally incurable.” In the film, Mr. de Pury is seated across from beer heiress and fashion collector Daphne Guinness, whose hair is dyed in skunk stripes and swept up in a messy French twist. The film cuts to a close-up of Ms. Guinness’s glossed and firmly pressed lips. “It’s an obsession,” he says and the camera cuts to Ms. Guinness’s legs, which are crossed in fishnet stockings. Read More


Razzin’ Aggie

(Photo courtesy of Maloney Fine Art)

Each Armory week for the past 11 years, collectors Susan and Michael Hort have opened the doors of their Tribeca penthouse to share Sunday brunch, and their impressive contemporary art collection, with hundreds of their closest acquaintances. This past year saw 2,000 people stop by their home over the week, and one or two of you may have noticed a printed email correspondence taped to the outside of a door to the terrace. The first message, at the bottom of the page, was sent by an organizer of VIP events for the Armory Show and reads, a bit unclearly: Read More


Friend Me! Tweet This! Collect That?

"Rainbow City"

Last Wednesday artists and techies crammed the main hall of General Assembly, one of Silicon Alley’s group workspaces, for a panel called “Art Outside the Gallery.” The discussion included entertaining takes on how people discover new art these days: interior designer and set decorator Christina Tonkin described how one client, an unnamed New York Yankee, wanted the painting that hung in superagent Ari Gold’s office on the HBO show Entourage. (It wasn’t a real painting, so she had it reproduced by the show’s set designer). Also on the panel was the affable painter Richard Phillips, who regaled the audience with anecdotes about texting with Lindsay Lohan. Read More