Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Morgan Library Is Free on Tuesday for 200th Birthday of Charles Dickens


Today is Charles Dickens’s 200th birthday. Or, more accurately, the 200th anniversary of his birth in Portsmouth, England (you know, he’s dead and everything so it’s not, like, a real birthday or whatever). So: how do we celebrate? Let’s see. We could stage a dramatic reading of Bleak House in a busy town square, approximating (or likely failing miserably at approximating) Dickens’s own famous public readings. Or: we could take a plane to London and walk the lengths of the city, compiling voracious mental notes and catalogs of urban life, which Dickens was known to do in preparation for writing a new novel. Or: we could listen to Suite No. 5 in E Major by the author’s favorite composer George Frideric Handel, the final movement of which–“The Harmonious Blacksmith”–provided Pip with his nickname in Great Expectations.

Ugh, actually all of that sounds kind of taxing. Let’s just go to the Morgan Library instead and see the Charles Dickens at 200 exhibition for free! Read More