Across the Universe: Camille Henrot Brings Creation Stories, Ikebana Sculptures to the New Museum

Henrot. (Photo by Joakim Bouaziz)

While the New Museum’s associate director, Massimiliano Gioni, was planning his 2013 Venice Biennale exhibition, “The Encyclopedic Palace,” he met up with the artist Camille Henrot, who at the time was doing a residency at Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian. “She told me about this project she was doing, about the myths of origins and the desire to try and describe the world and the universe,” he said. “That completely collided with what I was doing. It was a funny moment, because I felt there was somebody else who was as crazy, who had embarked on a similar project as what I was embarking on with Venice.” Read More


‘Stripping Domestic Makeup': Daniel Turner Arrives at Team Gallery

Turner in his studio. (Photo by Emily Assiran for the Observer)

At Miami Basel last December, it looked like something had gone awry in Team Gallery’s booth. A long stretch of its pristine white walls had been rubbed away and replaced by a billowing gray cloud. But it was an artwork, and Daniel Turner was responsible. “The actual piece was made by manually pressing steel wool into the wall for about 12 hours,” the 30-year-old explained by email last week. He prefers to work in isolation on those site-specific drawings, and so he made it at night. At the end of the fair, it was gone. Read More


All the Marbles: Sam Moyer on Her Show at Rachel Uffner Gallery

Moyer. (Photo by Emily Assiran for the Observer)

For her third show at Lower East Side gallery Rachel Uffner, the artist Sam Moyer told me, she made three shows. She was only half joking. She has stuck with her trademark technique of dying fabric outdoors, then streaking it with bleach and ironing it onto thick wood panels so that it resembles veined stone or cascading water, but in this new show, she has pushed that technique in fresh, thrilling directions. Read More


Fred Tomaselli Is Off Drugs

Fred Tomaselli, 'Mar. 4, 2014,' 2014. (Courtesy the artist/James Cohan Gallery)

On a winter day in the late 1990s, the artist Fred Tomaselli was gliding through the Florida Everglades with his friend, the art collector Mickey Cartin. “We were on one of these boats that makes more noise than 10 jackhammers outside of your building,” recalled Mr. Cartin. “This was one of the most uncomfortable hours of my life with all the noise, and the bugs and whatever, but Fred was just sitting there with this big grin on his face and his binoculars stuck in front of his eyes. I just remember thinking, ‘Boy, this is a guy who really sees humor and joy.’” Read More


‘I Don’t Want to Talk About Where the Rastas Came From': Richard Prince’s ‘Canal Zone’ Press Release Is Spot-On

(Courtesy Gagosian)

Early next month Gagosian will once again show Richard Prince’s “Canal Zone” paintings. The show marks a victory lap for the artist and the gallery, which have spent the years since the works’ 2008 debut defending them in a copyright lawsuit from photographer Patrick Cariou, whose ethnographic photography served as an element in some of these collage pieces. Read More