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Allergic to Broke: Students Displeased Following Cooper Tuition Announcement

41 Cooper Square. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

The email heralding the announcement that the Cooper Union will soon charge tuition for the first time since its founding in 1859 went out to the student body at 8:31 a.m., summoning all students to a noon announcement in the school’s Great Hall. No press was admitted. By 12:09 it was all over; new students whom the school determines can afford to pay will have an annual bill of around $20,000 beginning next fall, according to The Times, while others will pay on a sliding scale. Read More

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Cooper Union De-Occupied


The students who took over Cooper Union last week have relinquished control of their room in the school’s Foundation Building, AnimalNY reports, claiming a victory though the administration did not capitulate to their demands of continued free tuition. Read More

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Cooper Union Plans to Charge Graduate Students Tuition, Ending More Than a Century of Free Education

At least those paying students will be able to enjoy the school's beautiful new Thom Mayne-designed building. (Courtesy Structures:NYC/Flickr)

Well, here’s some depressing news to offset this beautiful Tuesday afternoon in New York.

Cooper Union announced today that it will begin charging graduate students tuition in September, 2013, to help close operating deficits in coming years, The New York Times reports. Though the exact tuition figures have not yet been released, it marks the first time since 1902 that any students at the school, which was founded in 1859, will be required to pay.  Read More