Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

Reports from within, and around, the fairs

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

Ryan Foerster Wins Artadia NADA Prize

Ryan Foerster, 'Sept-Nov,' 2013. (Courtesy the artist and Martos Gallery)

The New Art Dealers Alliance and the nonprofit Artadia organization announced today that artist Ryan Foerster is the 2013 winner of their Artadia NADA Prize, which carries an unrestricted cash grant of $4,000 and is presented each year to one artist for his or her involvement in the NADA Miami Beach fair, which runs through Sunday at the Deauville Beach Resort. Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

The Secret Room at NADA


There are many great things about having your art fair at a hotel and resort in Miami Beach: a pool is just feet away, the beach is just a few more, and there is usually a pretty good buffet at the ready. And there’s another nice thing: dealers can use hotel rooms to store works and host private viewings away from the bustling fair. Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

At Miami Basel, Coconuts for All Comers

The cutting.

There were two extremely popular accessories at Art Basel Miami Beach yesterday, beyond the expected assemblage of handbags (a bounty of nice Céline and Hermès) and stilettos (the percentage of Louboutins in the room increasing throughout the day). One was a Little Sun, those cute little solar-powered lights that Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen have designed. The Fondation Beyeler was selling them at their booth, and people were buying them up and wearing them proudly. The other was a huge green coconut, sliced open for easy drinking with a straw, that people carried about, sipping as they strolled. Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

A Tour of Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

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Tom Friedman and Albert Oehlen at Luhring Augustine

And we’re off!

More than 250 exhibitors have spent the past few days setting up shop in the Miami Beach Convention Center, and this morning the doors swung open to let in the first tranche of VIPs. Many more have arrived in the intervening hours. It feels buoyant in there, dealers switching between their iPads and cell phones and collectors, getting business done. Is it a success? It’s too soon to tell. For now we can just look at the art, which is not a bad position to be in. In the accompanying slide show, a quick trip around the fair. Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 Preview: Part 5

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Judith Hopf, Untitled, 2013

Yeah, I know, the number of previews for Basel is starting to get a little obnoxious. The truth is that I find these slide shows very relaxing to make, and I figure that it’s probably more fun to look at dozens of works of art—many recently made or emerging from private collections after years in hiding—than dozens of the same people at parties. (Though there will probably be some of those photos on the site soon.) Read More