Armory Week 2012

Armory Week 2012

The Art Advisers Take Center Stage


High-flying art advisers Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner typically move gracefully through art fair openings, chatting with clients and dealers and then quickly moving on. However, at the Independent last night, they were up against the wall, not moving, arms spread. A photographer was snapping their picture. Read More

Armory Week 2012

‘All My Friends Are Here': Competing With Collectors for Face Time at Independent 2012

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Work by Oscar Murillo at Stuart Shave.

Independent, the 44-gallery art fair that opened for a VIP preview at noon today and that calls itself a “temporary exhibition forum” is located just 30 blocks south down the West Side Highway from the Armory Show’s Piers 92 and 94, but feels like a different world altogether. Started three years ago by art dealers Elizabeth Dee and Darren Flook at the former Dia Center for the Arts in Chelsea, it is smaller and more welcoming than most art fairs happening in New York this week. There are, for instance, windows that let actual light into the exhibition space, not to mention an accessible roof, which is about as rare at one of these things as free alcohol. Independent lived up to its tagline, feeling more like a large, convivial group show than a standard trade show. Read More

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Neon Indian (f. Balzac) Plays Stirring Set at MoMA

Alan Palomo (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Artists, gallery people, Armory Show organizers and young people dressed a bit too well crammed the main hall of the Museum of Modern Art last night for the fair’s banner opening party, and MoMA fundraiser, featuring a set by Neon Indian, who shared the stage, as it were, with Auguste Rodin’s statue of Honoré de Balzac, three Faberge-egg-like Waterford chandeliers and a jumping, flashy billboard that threatened to induce a seizure. Read More

Armory Week 2012

A Populist Chair at a New York Art Fair Price

View of the Cristina Grajales Gallery booth.

Walking through the modern section of the Armory Show on Pier 92 during the vernissage on Wednesday night, a more subdued feeling hung in the air. The crowd was smaller and older than over at the contemporary wing and, as a whole, they looked less like they were waiting to be photographed and more like they were actually, well, shopping. Read More

Armory Week 2012

Catching Up With Jacob Kassay at Eleven Rivington’s Armory Show Booth

Catching Up With Jacob Kassay at Eleven Rivington's Armory Show Booth

One of the pleasures of visiting the Armory Show’s contemporary section on Pier 94 is the opportunity to catch up with the work of an artist one hasn’t seen in a while. Case in point: Jacob Kassay, the young artist who gained a certain level of notoriety a few years back after his slightly charred, unabashedly beautiful silver paintings began fetching increasingly high prices on the secondary market. Read More

Armory Week 2012

Clifford Owens Isn’t Interested in Becoming Art Fair Spectacle

Clifford Owens, Anthology (Dave McKenzie) (detail). Performance still. Courtesy On Stellar Rays.

“Somebody just bought that video,” artist Clifford Owens told Gallerist this afternoon and laughed. “It was the weirdest thing. A guy and his wife.” We looked over at the video screen on which he is shown in close-up filling his mouth with food and making faces. “Why would you want to live with this? It’s kind of gross. Apparently,” he said as if to explain this surprising interest, “they’re board members at MoMA, so they’ve seen the show, and seen the work.” Read More

Armory Week 2012

‘If You Don’t Do This Fair, You’re Stupid': With Sales and High Spirits, the Armory Show Gets Off to a Rollicking Start

Sean Kelly's bustling booth, with a new painting by Kehinde Wiley

The greatest threat to the Armory Show was a no-show on its opening day. No, we’re not talking about the looming Frieze Art Fair, which launches its first New York edition in May—Frieze was present in corporeal form, in the person of co-director Amanda Sharp, who was spotted amongst the Armory’s booths and in virtual form, in the press release that went out this morning, just as the Armory was opening its doors, announcing Frieze’s New York’s architectural plans. Read More