Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei

Claiming Police Harassment, Ai Weiwei Skips Court Hearing

A photograph of Ai Weiwei. (Courtesy @aiww)

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei’s attempt to appeal the $2.4 million fine he faces for allegedly failing to pay taxes has hit a roadblock—a few of them, actually. His legal counsel has disappeared, and he says that Chinese authorities told him not to attend a scheduled hearing and sent police to his Beijing studio, leading to a scuffle of some type with one of his assistants. Read More

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Will Attend the White Box Benefit Via Skype

Mr. Ai (Courtesy

This Wednesday is the 13th annual spring benefit–and 14th anniversary–of White Box, the New York art institution on the Bowery. White Box will be honoring artist Ai Weiwei with the Richard J. Massey Foundation/ White Box Arts and Humanity Award. Ai Weiwei, who has been prohibited from leaving China for a year, will appear live via Skype to accept the award and make a statement. Read More

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Lawsuit Hits ‘Bureaucratic’ Snag

Mr. Ai. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei is having some trouble proceeding in his lawsuit against Beijing authorities, challenging their allegation that his production company owes some $2.4 million in unpaid taxes. According to Reuters, a Chinese court has asked him to furnish the company’s official seal in order to move forward with the suit, but that seal remains in the hands of the police after being confiscated while the artist was held in custody for 81 days last year. It’s quite a conundrum. Read More

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Files Tax Lawsuit, ‘Guardian’ Op-Ed

At work. (Courtesy Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

Activist and artist Ai Weiwei has been for the past few days rankling the Chinese government. On Friday, he announced that he had filed a lawsuit against “the No 2 inspection squad of the Beijing tax bureau,” according to The Guardian. The tax bureau has ordered his production company to pay $2 million in unpaid taxes, a move that many observers believe was in response to the artist’s criticism of the Chinese government. The court will rule whether to accept the case within a week. Read More

Ai Weiwei

Chinese Authorities Deny Ai Weiwei’s Tax Appeal

Ai Weiwei, right, leaving his Beijing studio late last year with an unidentified person. (Photo by Peter Parks/AFP)

Dissident artist and activist Ai Weiwei has received notice that his challenge to a 15 million yuan ($2.4 million) tax bill served against the company that oversees his art making, Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd., has been denied by government authorities, Reuters reports.

Mr. Ai was arrested last year and held for almost three months in a case that many observers believe is related to his vocal criticism of the Chinese government, and later hit with that tax bill. Read More