frieze new york 2014

Yoko Ono, My Mom Doesn’t Get My Art


At Frieze, New York- and Paris-based Galerie Lelong has installed a participatory artwork by Yoko Ono that has elicited some very personal reactions. For the artwork, My Mommy Is Beautiful (2004/2014), visitors are invited to jot a note to their mother on a Post-It note and tape the note to the wall. At the end of the fair, all of the notes will be given to Ms. Ono. Read More


Yoko Ono to Be Honored at Brooklyn Museum’s Women in the Arts Luncheon

Ono. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Yoko Ono will be honored at the Brooklyn Museum’s Women in the Arts Luncheon on Nov. 15. Ms. Ono joins a long list of notable honorees of the annual fundraiser luncheon, now in its 10th year, including Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker, Maya Lin and the Guerilla Girls. The proceeds of the event will go toward arts and education programs at the Brooklyn Museum as well as the museum’s Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Read More


Yoko Ono Presents Photos From Personal Archive

Yoko Ono. (Courtesy

Yoko Ono smiling at husband John Lennon. John whispering into Yoko’s ear. Yoko at a party with Andy Warhol. These are some of the personal moments artist Yoko Ono has made privy over at The Guardian, in a digital unveiling of some photographs from her personal archives, some of which date as far back as 1961. The timing is great—her show, “To the Light,” just opened at the Serpentine Gallery in London. Read More


A Portrait of a Generation at the Hole

15 Photos

Andre Saraiva and Aurel Schmidt at the Hole's "Portrait of a Generation"

There was a bodyguard inside the Hole gallery on Thursday night next to a velvet rope. A large sculpture of Mickey Mouse with a large and erect penis stood on one side of him. On the other side was what looked like one of the coin-operated children’s rides you might see outside of a Rite-Aid, but it was in the shape of a large pink penis. Once the guard lifted the rope, you could walk into Andre Saraiva’s exhibition, “Andrepolis.” A pinkish haze hung in the air, through which a miniature city of Art Deco-styled sculptures of buildings glowed blue, pink and purple, decked with delicate Edison lights on top. Neon lights flashed above their tiny doors, denoting which city each building represented—apropos for a nightlife impresario and artist whose Le Baron club has venues in Paris, Tokyo and New York. Read More


I’ll Paint Yours if You Paint Mine: The Hole’s ‘Portaits of a Generation’

One of the portraits in "Portraits of a Generation." (Courtesy @Kathygrayson)

Recent art history is filled examples of artists painting their compatriots. Think of Philip Pearlstein doing Andy Warhol, or Warhol doing Joseph Beuys. More than 100 more examples are about to join that tradition, thanks to the Hole gallery’s director, Kathy Grayson, who has asked scores of artists—including Yoko Ono, Ryan McGinley, Terence Koh, Tim Noble and Sue Webster (downtown types, for the most part)—to portray each other for a show that opens tomorrow, called “Portraits of a Generation.” Read More


Yoko Ono on Her Childhood Education and Living in Scarsdale


British art historian Simon Schama sat down with Yoko Ono in advance of her upcoming Serpentine Gallery exhibition in London, and the result is a nice Financial Times profile of the artist, who “has the nimble appearance of someone for whom the word ‘elfin’ was coined,” according to Mr. Schama. There are also refreshingly few mentions of John Lennon, a regular fixation of many Ono profile writers. Read More