There’s Something Funny About Donelle Woolford

'Dick's Last Stand' at CCA Wattis in San Francisco, Feb. 6. (Courtesy CCA)

In late January, the artist Donelle Woolford, a black woman with short hair who looks to be in her mid 30s, was at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair, outfitted in a 1970s-style suit and mustache, doing a Richard Pryor routine. It went well, but it could have gone better. The book fair, she wrote in an email shortly afterward, “maybe wasn’t the best context for a Richard Pryor routine.” This particular routine was recorded as the final episode of Pryor’s 1977 television show (which only lasted four episodes) and was pretty much engineered to be censored. “I think the audience was a bit taken aback by all the N-bombs and F-bombs,” she said. Everywhere she has gone—a museum in San Francisco and community centers in Chicago and Oakland have been among her stops—audiences have reacted differently. Read More

2014 Whitney Biennial

2014 Whitney Biennial Curators: Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms, Michelle Grabner

Work by Urs Fischer at the 2006 Whitney Biennial. (Getty Images)

Carol Vogel of The New York Times has a big scoop on the 2014 Whitney Biennial, revealing in her Inside Art column today that three curators will organize the show, each taking a floor of the Whitney’s Breuer Building. Those lucky curators are Stuart Comer, the Tate Modern’s film curator; Anthony Elms, associate curator at the ICA Philadelphia; and Michelle Grabner, an artist who chairs the School of the Art Institute of Chicago painting and drawing department. Read More

Whitney Biennial 2012

Vincent Gallo Was a No-Show at Whitney Biennial

Vincent Gallo (Courtesy

Director Vincent Gallo’s contribution to the Whitney Biennial had been anticipated ever since the list of participating artists, which included his name, was first leaked in December 2011. But as the Biennial, which opened on March 1, came to a close officially on May 27—with a few galleries remaining open until last Sunday, Mr. Gallo has remained elusive, even to the curators. Read More


8 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before June 10

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FRIDAY | Opening: Megan Whitmarsh "Revolution is a Circle" at Jack Hanley


Discussion: Whitney Biennial Curators in Conversation with Michelle Kuo at Artists Space Books & Talks
The Whitney Biennial is just about over—the final festivities occur on Sunday, June 10, the same day that the last of its galleries close for de-installation. The biennial’s co-curators, Jay Sanders and Elisabeth Sussman, and its Read More


Be Here Now: Eccentric Historicism Emerges at the 2012 Whitney Biennial

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Wu Tsang, WILDNESS, 2012. Still from high-definition video.

The best contemporary art exhibitions feel like events and discoveries. The 76th Whitney Biennial has these qualities. Rather than elicit an acquisitive “I want this,” the show makes you say, “I was there.” This Biennial suggests that right now is a great moment to be alive—and it comes as some relief that someone is saying this about American art (and perhaps by extension about American life?) in the spring of 2012. Read More