Voice Over: Trisha Donnelly on Her ‘Artist’s Choice’ Show at MoMA

'Barn Swallow, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 9, 1974 (Hirundo rustica
erythrogaster)' (1974) by Eliot Porter. (Courtesy Museum of Modern Art)

“It actually makes me nervous to stand up to speak about it, because I still go and look at these things way too frequently,” the artist Trisha Donnelly said at the start of her talk at MoMA on Monday night. She was discussing the works in the show that she has organized for the “Artist’s Choice” series, which invites artists to curate from the museum’s collection. Her show, in galleries on the fourth and fifth floors, is on view for three more weeks.

As an artist, Ms. Donnelly throws curveballs. Most famously, she arrived at one of her crowded openings on horseback, reciting a mysterious speech. At MoMA on Monday, she asked for the lights to be turned off in the sold-out theater. She wanted to play some music that had influenced the show. Read More