Visiting ‘Cloud City’ With Tomás Saraceno on the Met’s Roof

Tomas Saraceno's 'Cloud City' (Courtesy Rozalia Jovanovic)

We did everything wrong. We were on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning wearing a skirt and heels and carrying a big bag. Before us was Tomás Saraceno’s sculpture, Cloud City, a 54-foot tall architectural structure of interconnected modules of reflective surfaces that looks at once like bubbles and bacteria, and reflects the cityscape in an Escher-like collage of trees, buildings and sky.

“Only flat rubber-soled shoes,” said a guard before the sculpture. Luckily, the artist came to our rescue.

“Shall we?” asked Mr. Saraceno. He was boyish in sneakers, with blue eyes and brown fluffy hair. “Come on.” Read More