Press Release of the Week: Nyehaus's "Hoodwinked"

"Hoodwinked," with work by Mike Kelley and Richard Prince. (Nyehaus)

It’s a busy time for art openings here in New York at the moment, and press releases are flooding mailboxes, but Nyehaus’s announcement for its upcoming Mike Kelley and Richard Prince show, “Hoodwinked,” easily breaks through the crowded field to take “Press Release of the Week” honors. Read More

GalleristNY in LA

The Best Coast: Will New York Dealers Succeed in Los Angeles?

Tim Nye's new gallery in Los Angeles, Nye+Brown. (Photo: Andrew Russeth)

“Hollywood is so much sexier than the art world,” Berlin-based art dealer Javier Peres was telling The Observer. “There’s much more hype, there’s more cash flowing at it. The art world in Los Angeles has always competed with Hollywood, and it’s always been a tough struggle.”

We were speaking with Mr. Peres in the convention center in downtown L.A. that last week housed the brand new art fair Art Platform Los Angeles, a venture of Merchandise Mart, the same company that owns New York’s Armory Show. It was the opening day of the fair, and Mr. Peres was exhibiting there; visitors were pouring through the doors at a steady clip. Meanwhile, the well-funded Getty Foundation was opening “Pacific Standard Time,” a series of exhibitions on postwar California art that spans scores of museums and commercial galleries and runs for the next six months.

It looked like art might be giving Hollywood a run for its money. Or, at least, that’s what a group of New York dealers setting up shop here are hoping. Read More


Friend Me! Tweet This! Collect That?

"Rainbow City"

Last Wednesday artists and techies crammed the main hall of General Assembly, one of Silicon Alley’s group workspaces, for a panel called “Art Outside the Gallery.” The discussion included entertaining takes on how people discover new art these days: interior designer and set decorator Christina Tonkin described how one client, an unnamed New York Yankee, wanted the painting that hung in superagent Ari Gold’s office on the HBO show Entourage. (It wasn’t a real painting, so she had it reproduced by the show’s set designer). Also on the panel was the affable painter Richard Phillips, who regaled the audience with anecdotes about texting with Lindsay Lohan. Read More

GalleristNY in LA

New York Dealer Tim Nye Details His New Los Angeles Gallery

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Tim Nye.

Polling Los Angeles art dealers for gallery recommendations yesterday, one of the names that came up most often was Nye + Brown, the new space started just last month by the New York tech mogul turned art dealer Tim Nye, who has specialized in postwar art from Southern California, like Finish Fetish and Light and Space, in recent years, and Lexi Brown, a longtime Angeleno who ran a gallery called The Happy Lion in L.A.’s Chinatown. Read More