The Cory Arcangel/Ryan McGinley After-Party Will Be Boozy Viewings of Home Alone and Gremlins Sequels

"Hillary / Lakes" (2014) by Cory Arcangel (Courtesy Team Gallery)

Typically, what follows an gallery opening reception is a relatively small, relatively civilized dinner at a restaurant nearby. Or, perhaps, there’s some sort of a party at some new hotspot downtown. People drink, eat, talk, schmooze, etc. You know the deal.

Sometimes, though, something much better happens. Sometimes a gallery will rent out a movie Read More


José Freire Talks Team Gallery’s New Los Angeles Space, its First Expansion Outside New York

An installation from "tl;dr" at Team Gallery, 47 Wooster Street (Courtesy Team Gallery)

An intriguing notice recently appeared on the website of Team Gallery, the Soho institution that represents Ryan McGinley, Cory Arcangel and others. “team (bungalow),” it said. “306 Windward Avenue, venice ca 90291.”

Could it be that Team, a New York-only stalwart for all of its 18 years—first in Chelsea before moving 83 Grand Street in 2006 Read More

On View

‘Tabor Robak: Next-Gen Beta’ at Team Gallery

Still from '20XX' (2013) by Robak. (Courtesy the artist and Team Gallery)

Tabor Robak’s solo debut feels like one of the major events of the season. Using an arsenal of software programs, the 27-year-old Brooklyn-based artist has produced four taut, entrancing high-definition works, spanning 14 screens, that mark him as a trailblazer within today’s digitally centered art while signaling that work’s newfound acceptance by big-league galleries like Read More


It’s a Draw: Esther Kläs at Peter Blum Gallery and ‘Cory Arcangel vs. Pierre Bismuth’ at Team Gallery

Installation view of Esther Kläs, "Nobody Home," at Peter Blum

It’s theology that looks like a math problem: Is it possible for a wall to have only one side? In her first solo show in New York, at Peter Blum Gallery, the sculptor Esther Kläs’s answer is yes. Using sheets of two-inch Styrofoam to build up monolithic forms, and Aqua Resin dyed in a postwar German palette of cement grays and morbid dark grays, she molds the mysterious, axiomatically impenetrable outsides of things. Read More


Alex Bag Moves to Team Gallery

Video still of "Untitled (Project for the Whitney Museum)" (2009) by Alex Bag. (Courtesy the artist)

New York video artist Alex Bag is now represented by SoHo’s Team Gallery. José Friere, the founder and director of the gallery, confirmed the move to Gallerist today and said that the gallery will host its first solo exhibition with Ms. Bag in March of next year, at its Grand Street location. (The gallery opened a second space on Wooster Street earlier this year, and Mr. Friere has said he plans to add artists to Team’s roster.) Read More