Art and Dance

May I Buy This Dance? Nope, Not Yet! A Pas de Deux With the Art World Heats Up

Steve Paxton, 'Satisfyin Lover,' (1967), from "Some Sweet Day." (Courtesy Museum of Modern Art)

One evening in mid September, some 300 people packed into the Judson Memorial Church for a panel discussion on the rise of dance in the art world. About midway through, Ralph Lemon dropped a bomb: “I wait,” he said, “for the day when a museum acquires a dance.”

Mr. Lemon, a dancer and visual artist who prefers to be called simply a “conceptualist,” didn’t mean the sweat-stained costumes, sets and other ephemera that are often the only relics to prove that a dance has happened, but instead something far more controversial: the dance itself—the, as he put it, “performance as object.” Read More