All the Marbles: Sam Moyer on Her Show at Rachel Uffner Gallery

Moyer. (Photo by Emily Assiran for the Observer)

For her third show at Lower East Side gallery Rachel Uffner, the artist Sam Moyer told me, she made three shows. She was only half joking. She has stuck with her trademark technique of dying fabric outdoors, then streaking it with bleach and ironing it onto thick wood panels so that it resembles veined stone or cascading water, but in this new show, she has pushed that technique in fresh, thrilling directions. Read More


Out of the Woods: Benjamin Butler at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Sam Moyer at Rachel Uffner, Guy Goodwin at Brennan & Griffin

Untitled Forest, 2012 (Courtesy Klaus von Nichtssagend)

Benjamin Butler paints trees. As a shtick, it’s awfully specific, but as a formal constraint, it’s surprisingly open-ended, because the organic patterns of a plant’s growth, while necessarily always having a particular, recognizable type of coherence—one that’s similar to but more limited than that of any good painting—are extremely flexible; because Mr. Butler can pull those patterns almost to literal figuration, or push them toward decorative abstraction; and because of his sophisticated but fanciful colors. Read More