His Name Is Legion: Robyn O’Neil at Susan Inglett and Dominic McGill at Derek Eller

"Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" (2011) by Dominic McGill. (Courtesy the artist and Derek Eller Gallery)

Making a painting requires faith. Think of a balloon: you don’t have to believe that it expresses truth or will improve the world, but the simple act of blowing it up implies, at least, the hope that it won’t break before you’re done. It’s a faith in the possibility of coherence—seductive, arguably false, and easily punctured with a pencil. Under the membrane, you’ll find innumerable perceptual facts, colliding but unrelated, forming a shifting, radically incoherent terrain. Two very different attempts to capture this chilly, honest world went on view last week in Chelsea. Read More