Armory Week 2012

Bearly There: Rob Pruitt at Karma Bookstore

Mr. Pruitt. (Photo by Sarah Douglas)

Last Saturday afternoon, the artist Rob Pruitt, who is known for his glittery paintings of panda bears and his tongue-in-cheek, Golden Globes-style “Art Awards,” was signing books, naked, in the Karma bookstore, in the West Village. He sat at the head of a table arrayed with copies of his 2010 volume Pattern and Degradation, each with a custom cover. One was composed of multiple books of matches. One came with a pair of handcuffs. One was sandwiched between copies of the New York Yellow Pages. As a fig leaf he employed a stuffed animal panda bear. Read More

public art

Rob Pruitt’s Andy Warhol Statue Receives Extended Stay


Last Friday marked the 125th anniversary of the opening of the Statue of Liberty.

By a remarkable coincidence, the Public Art Fund announced this past weekend that artist Rob Pruitt’s chrome statue of Andy Warhol, a symbol of hope and freedom in its own right, which had been scheduled to end its six-month residency at the northwest corner of Union Square park this month, will remain there until May 13, 2012. Read More

Work of Art

‘Work of Art’ Recap, Episode 3: Rob Pruitt Judges Pop Art

Artist Rob Pruitt and critic Jerry Saltz. (Courtesy Bravo)

In this week’s installment of a certain Bravo reality television show, viewers nationwide were confronted with a fatal jet-skiing accident, sexual harassment, a discussion about the appropriate setting in which to consume a Pimm’s No. 1 Cup, and lots of boobs. Surprisingly enough, however, there were no real housewives involved. The television program of which I speak is actually Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, and thankfully a real artist (guest judge Rob Pruitt) dropped by before the hour ended and steered the show in the direction of, you know, ART, albeit for like 12 seconds. Read More