Not Just a Blip: A Richard Artschwager Documentary Nears Completion

Artschwager readies a blip in the film. (Courtesy Long Tail Films Inc.)

One day back in the 1940s, the artist Richard Artschwager said something to his then-girlfriend during a concert in Vienna, and she shot back, “Shut up and listen.” The phrase stuck with him. “Since then, I’ve adapted that to ‘Shut up and look,’ but meant politely,” he explains in a trailer for a new documentary about his life and work. “What it really means is, ‘I don’t know what to say.’” Read More

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There’s a Richard Artschwager Feast in New York Right Now

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"Early Works from the 1960's" at Castelli Gallery

All of the sudden, Richard Artschwager appears to be having a moment. The idiosyncratic artist, known for his mysterious grey paintings on Celotax and Formica sculptures that resemble–but never quite amount to–furniture or music instruments or other functional objects, is showing all around town. It’s a veritable Artschwager smorgasbord, or at least a generous tasting of works from across his 60-year career. (He’ll turn 90 next year.) Read More