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New Orleans’ Prospect 3 Biennial Releases Artist List

'Mithra' (2008) by Mark Bradford, at Prospect 1. (Photo by .bill/Flickr)

New Orleans’ ambitious and scrappy Prospect biennial, which has been hit hard by funding issues and delays since its first edition in 2008, announced that it is on tap to stage Prospect 3, titled “Notes for Now,” in October, and released its artist list, with 58 participants. It’s a tantalizing roster, including established greats, like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ed Clark, Alma Thomas and Paul Gauguin (yes, that Paul Gauguin!), alongside younger figures such as Analia Saban, Camille Henrot and Lucien Smith (yes, that Lucien Smith). Read More


New Orleans’s Prospect 3 Biennial Postponed From 2013 to 2014

A detail view of Mark Bradford's "Mithra" sculpture, which was featured in Prospect 1. (greenkozi/Flickr)

The next edition of Prospect 3, the lovable but frequently troubled biennial exhibition initiated by Dan Cameron in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, will take place in the fall of 2014, not in 2013, as originally planned, The Times-Picayune reports.

Prospect’s consulting director, Jane Farver, said that the postponement was designed to ensure that the exhibition does not coincide with the major international shows planned for Venice, Istanbul and Pittsburgh (the Carnegie International) in 2013. Read More